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Greetings, Beauty & Lashes Salon Owners! As a leading lash manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality lashes and continuous innovation to ignite your creative beauty endeavors.

Our commitment extends beyond lash extensions – we offer a comprehensive range of over 120 accessories. Choosing our products, you will experience a more effortless extension process, and the selected materials have an outstanding texture, bringing more satisfied repeat customers to your salon. Explore the possibilities with us!
Calling all Lashes Technicians! Are you in need of top-quality lashes to enhance your clients' experience? Worried about heavy initial investments in your lash business?

Look no further! We're here to offer substantial support. Enjoy the best-quality lashes with swift delivery and a minimum order quantity of just 10 trays. No stock pressure – make your lash business thrive effortlessly! Drop us a message if you're interested; we're here, ready for you!
Attention Lashes Training Academies! Are you doing exceptional work in lashes training? Have you considered a personalized label card with your brand for your students?

If not, hesitate no more – contact us to make everything special for you! We provide a free logo design service and can assist in creating a fully customized set of lash products. Share your ideas, and let's turn them into reality!

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Your Wholesale Lash Extension Supplier

Strict Material

We use premium eyelash materials, including highly realistic mink hair fiber, Korean PBT synthetic fiber, and the currently popular cashmere synthetic material.

High-Quality Eyelash

Exquisite handmade craftsmanship and rigorous machine processing result in top-tier, soft eyelashes. All eyelashes undergo thorough inspections to ensure precision in every detail. FADVAN offers the most effective solutions, creating the best products and services to meet customer needs.

Stable Production Capacity

With 5 internal factories and over 20 advanced production lines, we guarantee our highly stable eyelash supply capacity, ensuring faster delivery times.

Minimum Order Quantity

We support a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces and provide samples, enabling small businesses to grow rapidly.

Flexible Customization

We accept custom orders to meet customer needs and preferences, including eyelash length, curvature, thickness, as well as various logo stickers, packaging box styles, and more.

Competitive Wholesale Prices

We never compromise product quality to lower prices because our goal is customer satisfaction. However, due to our attractive pricing and excellent quality, our products consistently stand out among numerous manufacturers.

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Fadvan stands out by offering lash pros worldwide the high-quality lashes, competitive price along with superior services, and stable availability. We strive to empower your lashing business by all means.

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We are FADVAN, a professional eyelash manufacturing supplier based in China,
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Just tell us your needs, and FADVAN will match them perfectly.
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